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Optimise your customer relations

Control your physical flows

Simplify your processes

Analyse your data

Improve your after-sales maintenance

iziflo Sales

Optimise your customer relations.

Lead management

With iziflo Sales, every lead is an opportunity. Our CRM solution enables you to receive and manage your leads efficiently, turning every contact into a potential sale.

Prospect follow-up

iziflo Sales lets you rate and track your prospects in a precise and organised way. This allows you to prioritise your efforts and focus your energy on the most promising prospects.

Deal management

From prospecting to proforma, iziflo Sales supports you in every step of the deal follow-up process. Our solution enables you to efficiently manage the sales process, ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

Closing sales

With iziflo Sales, signing the sales order is just the last step in a well-oiled process. Our solution helps you improve conversion rates and build customer loyalty by optimising customer relations.

Turn every lead into an opportunity. Efficiently track and manage your prospects and customers.

iziflo logistics

Control your logistics flows

Vehicle tracking

iziflo logistics enables you to track each vehicle from arrival to delivery to the customer. You have total visibility of each vehicle’s route, enabling you to manage your stock efficiently.

Transfer management

Our solution allows you to manage inter-fleet transfers simply and efficiently. This means you can optimise resource allocation and ensure vehicles are available where they are needed.

Damage management

With iziflo logistics, you can proactively manage damage. Our solution enables you to track call-back campaigns and manage incidents efficiently.

Planning and delivery

iziflo logistics helps you plan customer preparation and deliveries. With our solution, you can ensure that every vehicle is ready for delivery on time, improving customer satisfaction.

Complete logistics management, from vehicle arrival to delivery.

iziflo sales administration

Simplify your processes.

Sales contract management

iziflo Sales Administration makes managing contracts child’s play. From signing the sales order to invoicing, our solution supports you every step of the way for efficient, stress-free management.

Financing plans

Our solution provides the means to add financing plans associated to the sale. iziflo offers precise, transparent finance tracking and management.

Vehicle allocation

Quick and easy vehicle allocation to guarantee the traceability of each unit, avoiding errors.

Attachment management

For seamless sales administration, add attachments to every sale ensuring all the necessary documents are present and correctly filed.

From signature to invoicing, simplify every stage of your sales.

iziflo reporting

Analyse your data.

Real-time tracking

With iziflo reporting, you can monitor your company’s performance in real time. Our solution gives you complete visibility of your business, enabling you to react quickly and effectively to any changes.

Data analysis

Our tool turns your data into valuable information. With iziflo reporting, you can analyse your data in depth to understand trends, identify opportunities and make informed decisions.

Informed decision-making

iziflo reporting helps you make informed decisions to improve your business. By accurately analysing your data, you can define effective strategies and steer your business towards success.

Business Intelligence

More than just a reporting tool, iziflo is a true Business Intelligence (BI) tool. It gives you the keys to running your dealership efficiently, by providing you with precise, relevant information about your business.

Turn your data into insights. Manage your dealership efficiently

iziflo after-sales

Improve your after-sales maintenance.

Workshop schedule management

iziflo after-sales offers a complete solution for managing workshop schedules. Optimise the use of your resources and better organise your operations.


With iziflo after-sales, you can keep track of the work carried out on your vehicles in real time. Ensure complete traceability and improve the quality of your after-sales maintenance.

360° view of customers and vehicles

iziflo after-sales gives you a 360° view of your customers and vehicles. Access all relevant information at a glance and improve your customer relations.

Pre- and post-sales management

iziflo after-sales is a complete solution for managing your vehicles before and after a sale.

Build customer loyalty with exceptional after-sales maintenance.

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